A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


  • You don't always need to kill everything, but you must get through the bottom floor of enemies to get to the exit door on the right
  • Knowledge is your health, and you gain knowledge from monsters near the lower levels of the dungeon
  • Experience is your strength, and you gain experience from monsters near the top of the dungeon
  • Higher anxiety means it will become harder to dodge. Decrease your anxiety by killing monsters and making it out of the room with health left. Your anxiety will increase when you get knocked out by taking on too much work, and as you climb from floor to floor, so make sure you can take on the extra work load when entering a new floor.
  • Kill the boss at the top of the 9 floors to decrease your anxiety by a large portion.

How To Play

Move Left: "a" or left arrow
Move Right: "d" or right arrow
Go Up Ladder: "w" or up arrow
Go Down Ladder : "s" or down arrow

Attack: space or left click
Dodge: LShift or right click


GetSchooled.zip 17 MB
GetSchooled(Mac).zip 22 MB

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